2G Sunset

We may not be getting your 2G alarm notifications

OCT 27 2014

It’s time to take a look at your cellular transmitter. If you have a system that is using a 2G cellular radio, the time has come for it to be replaced.

Almost all cellular towers will stop transmitting 2G signals within the next few years. Why do you have to act now? As new phones eat up new 4G signals every day and all other communication (like yours) runs on 3G signals, there will be no room or need for the older 2G service.

Towers will start phasing out 2G signal distribution, and if you’re in that geographic 2G dead spot, your alarm will be going — no where. While the anticipated migration date is still a couple years off (starting with the AT&T 2G turndown of January 1, 2017), we are already starting to experience some 2G loss around the Twin Cities.

Armor Security has not installed any 2G radio units in some time but does have plenty of 2G radios out there. Over the next year Armor will be reaching out to Customers with older installations that may be effected. Contact Armor or your current security provider for information on how to transfer over to a 3G radio unit. Special discounts may apply for existing customers.

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