Wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Electronic Locks

Considering Wireless Electronic Locks for Your Home or Business? We know security.

Wireless Electronic Lock and Mobile Phone Unlocking Door

Electronic or smart locks offer a variety of advantages, including the ability to provide someone with temporary access to your home or office, the ability to control the lock remotely, and the capacity to integrate locks with various devices such as your smartphone or central security monitoring system.

Electronic locks are designed with and without a key slot – those without a key slot may be considered more secure, but may then lack the “backup” feature of a physical key. Electronic locks utilize several types of communication, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Understanding these technologies, and how they fit with your existing and desired security systems, is an important consideration. Unlocking mechanisms are varied, including touch, app, proximity, voice and physical key.

Considerations and benefits of electronic locks:

  • What are your hardware appearance, color and styling preferences?
  • Do attempts to disable or force the lock sound an alert?
  • Does an unlocking event produce a notification to your smartphone?
  • Is there an exclusive app, or is connection with an existing home security app required?
  • How many different codes can be programmed, and do codes expire?
  • Does the lock track and report user access?
  • How easy or difficult is it to replace your existing door lock assembly?
  • How long is the lock’s battery life?


Emerging technology allows for intelligent doorbells and locking systems to integrate, ideally making your access both secure and uniquely individual. If you already own, or are thinking about adding a doorbell camera, this may be another consideration.

Commercial or Business Applications of Wireless Access

For many years, keyless, proximity and fob/card access locks have been utilized as part of larger security systems in business locations. With the newest technology in wireless business access, you can maintain complete control, adding employees, editing their access profiles, customizing availability and levels of access, and simplifying overall security management for your facility. To learn more about the commercial applications of wireless access, or with your questions on any electronic lock installation, contact us today!

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