Choosing Video Security Monitoring Services

Whether for Business or Home: Tips for Choosing a Video Surveillance System

Commercial and Residential Video Monitoring, Camera Surveillance

Current security technology frequently employs IP cameras and NVR’s for video monitoring in some form, whether for a commercial or residential property. IP Cameras and NVR’s (Network Video recorders) bring a security dimension formerly unavailable, with added protection for your business or family.

Commercial Video Surveillance: Prevent damage and theft with the right choice of cameras, recording and storage options, Mega-pixel, 360 Degree, motion detection, and web-based or cloud based monitoring and storage. HIKVision, Vivotek, Bosch, Axis, ExacqVision, and Honeywell, are some leading product manufacturers offering quality video monitoring products. Choose a product that protects your Business while providing the latest digital options.

Residential Video Monitoring: Popular solutions for your home and property may include, Secure-I, and Jarvis Video. A nice option to add peace of mind is being able to view your cameras remotely via the internet using your laptop, tablet or phone. You can see your property at any time, from any location. With most video products, you will be able to view, record and access video clips of critical events. The best services should provide your family a sense of security, knowing you have the latest technology and quick access to a reliable support team.

Questions to Ask

  1. Does the product fulfill your preferred access to live and saved feeds?
  2. What is the quality of products you choose, including warranty and service support?
  3. Is the product and service combination easy to use? Can you receive training?
  4. Can video feeds be accessed and saved for law enforcement?

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