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AUG 22 2014

Although your system may appear to be working, if you have not experienced a recent alarm, you will not know if it is truly functional. Since asset protection and life safety are dependent on your system, you need to be sure it is working.
With Armor Security's inspection and testing program you can be assured your system will provide the protection your building demands and your tenants expect. Armor's inspection service is scheduled annually to comply with local regulations and covers all control equipment, pull stations, smoke detectors, horns, and sprinkler monitoring devices.
Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection Includes:

  • Comprehensive functional testing to find malfunctions not detectable by visual inspection alone.
  • System performance evaluation using NFPA forms
  • Service performed by factory-trained and Nicet certified technicians.
  • Thorough documentation sent to your business and AHJ confirming test completion
    and results-per code.
  • Estimates for repair of any malfunctioning equipment

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