Selecting Church Security Systems

Considering security and alarm monitoring services for your church or worship space? We specialize!

Church Security Systems

Keep your congregation safe. We have the fire safety and security services you need to keep your church secure. For over 49 years, ARMOR has helped many local churches and worship communities with their security needs and we are here to help you too!

Our goal is to bring you the best service delivery and the latest security technology available!

Parking lot security is of particular importance for gathering spaces such as church and synagogue sanctuary parking, daycare drop off and pickup and community and congregation meeting areas. We are noticing more requests from our client churches for parking lot cameras, particularly as people leave the building and walk to their cars.

"Do Our Cameras Have Night-Vision?" Church staff want to know that the cameras can “see in the dark”, which is easy to accomplish with EXIR technology from Hikvision. EXIR better focuses Infrared light on the same area the camera is viewing up to 100’ from the camera. This compensates for lack of adequate lightpost lighting in parking lots.

"What About Intelligent Perimeter Security?" In addition, our Hikvision cameras use analytics to detect “line crossing” so that the camera becomes intelligent and can alert the user if a car or person crosses into a defined area on screen. These video qualities also make the camera ideal for car dealers, businesses, or anyone requiring perimeter security. Indoor uses for these cameras include daycare security for young children and safety of groups using church meeting rooms after hours.

Card Access for a church? Yes! It’s a real good fit! The reason is that many churches have lost control of their keys or do not know how many keys are in the hands of various groups. Choosing one or 2 doors for card access solves the problem and adds much greater convenience. It eliminates keys, informs office of who comes in, can automatically alarm doors after a set time at night (in the event that the last group failed to arm system), allows a trusted person to remotely open doors instead of driving over to the church to open doors, and last but not least, can disable cards without having to ask for the keys. 

Our Services Specializing in Church Security and Safety:

  • Security & Fire System Design, Install and Service
  • 24-hour U.L. Monitoring―Fire, Burglar and Video
  • Camera Systems
  • Card Access
  • Door Intercoms
  • Lock & Key Services
  • Safe Sales and Services


Armor Security has been providing the best in church security since 1972!

With Armor Security, you’ll receive expert technical advice, 24-hour monitoring services, fire and life safety systems certification, remote video monitoring and camera surveillance, and reliable expert advice that’s always just a phone call away!

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