Commercial & Industrial Security

Tips for Securing and Protecting Your Commercial Business or Industrial Site

Commercial and Industrial Security

Securing and protecting your commercial or industrial property is vital, but can be complex. How can electronic security integration be achieved? When older systems such as Analog Video cameras are in place does the whole system need replacing? Can obsolete Card Access be replaced using existing infrastructure? Which products and services are best for overall integration, as well as ongoing support?

As you research and engage in discussions with providers, this checklist can help:

  • Can your alarm company provide a single system control, integrating Security, Fire Systems, Video, and Card Access that conforms to Minnesota State & Local Code?
  • Is all relevant user information available from a single, user-friendly interface?
  • Is alarm information easily linked for user-defined action plans and location maps, offering faster reaction times?
  • Can third-party equipment be integrated where necessary?
  • Are an event log and audit trail available for investigations?
  • Are temperature control, ventilation and life safety protection integrated?
  • Can a common database be used to most efficiently control various security areas, such as cameras and card access?
  • Is the system customizable for your unique business needs?
  • Is 24-7 monitoring and support available ongoing for your customized security system?


At Armor Security, we employ Bosch Commercial-B Integration, which includes the highest and most efficient levels of technology integration among all building and security systems. Our monitoring procedures support a secure, 24-7 trusted solution.

Contact Armor Security today – your local Twin Cities experts in commercial and residential security!

With Armor Security, you’ll receive expert technical advice, 24-hour monitoring services, fire and life safety systems certification, remote video monitoring and camera surveillance, and reliable expert advice that’s always just a phone call away!

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