How to Choose a Doorbell Camera

Considering a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera for your home? We know security cameras.

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Doorbell Camera

Security is the reason most-often cited by those considering doorbell cameras, however there are several factors that can influence the overall effectiveness and usage of a doorbell camera. Are you considering a doorbell camera for your home? We can help!

Doorbell cameras are becoming recognized as a powerful deterrent to potential crime. In a study completed in two neighborhoods, in partnership with the LAPD, a 50 percent reduction in burglaries was noted in the test neighborhood using the doorbell camera product. Beyond the deterrent of potential theft, the ability to identify visitors and monitor deliveries can keep you and your family safe as well.

Primary Considerations: Power Source and Network Connection

Two main considerations can help you select the best candidates for your situation: power source and network connection. Existing doorbell wiring is often used as a power source when installing a doorbell camera; however, research indicates that about 30 percent of homes lack doorbell wiring. In these cases, or other situations such as with rental property, a battery-operated model can be selected. In addition to a power source, a Wi-Fi connection is required to stream video and communicate with other devices. Sufficient network signal and speed are needed for reliable functioning. With limited bandwidth, you may experience delays or variable performance with your doorbell camera.

Other Doorbell Camera Considerations and Features:

  • Physical design, appearance and weather resistance
  • Purchase cost and possible subscription fees
  • Compatibility with mobile devices and home security systems
  • Fixed or customized motion-detection zones
  • Motion-detection technology: video analysis or infrared
  • Event recording and video file saving
  • Video recording triggers, or 24/7 recording
  • For 24/7 recording: motion-sensed video clip tagging
  • Facial recognition features
  • Two-way talk, and audio quality
  • Smart or proximity lock/unlock features


About motion detection with camera recording: Doorbell cameras can record 24/7 (with or without auto-tagging when motion is detected), or they can record only when motion occurs. If recording is limited, it can be triggered by either infrared motion or an enhanced version of activation which includes video analysis. If video analysis is employed, the camera is less likely to begin recording with natural movements such as lighting changes or wind effects on the environment.

With the variety of options in doorbell camera technology, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Beginning with power and connectivity considerations, as well as your recording desires, should help to focus your selection process.

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