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Free Security Audit, professional man with tablet

Free Security Audit

From new property installations to upgrades and testing of existing security systems and practices, we can guide you toward effective strategies. With this security audit, you’ll be ready to make well-informed decisions regarding the security procedures and technology that safeguard your people, assets and property. Read More 

Wireless Electronic Lock and Mobile Phone Unlocking Door

Selecting Wireless Electronic Locks

Electronic or smart locks offer a variety of advantages, including the ability to provide someone with temporary access to your home or office, and the ability to control the lock remotely. Are you considering a wireless electronic lock? Read on for considerations for your home or business! Read More 

Considering a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera for your home? We know security cameras.

How to Choose a Doorbell Camera

Security is the reason most-often cited by those considering doorbell cameras, however there are several factors that can influence the overall effectiveness and usage of a doorbell camera. Are you considering a doorbell camera for your home? We can help! Read More 

Selecting Church Security Systems

Considering security and alarm monitoring services for your church or worship space? We specialize!

Church Security Systems Keep your congregation safe. We have the fire safety and security services you need to keep your church secure. For over 49 years, ARMOR has helped many local churches and worship communities with their security needs and we are here to help you too! Read More 

Top 5 Checklist: Alarm Monitoring Services

Considering security and fire alarm monitoring services for your business?

Considering security and fire alarm monitoring services for your business? As you contact potential commercial alarm monitoring companies, these are some critical points to discuss. Read More 

Tips for Securing Your Commercial or Industrial Sites

UL alarm certification, choosing alarm services for your business or commercial property

Commercial and Industrial Security: Securing and protecting your commercial or industrial property is vital, but can be complex. This article offers tips in an easy checklist format. Read More 

Should You Use a UL Listed Alarm Company?

UL alarm certification, choosing alarm services for your business or commercial property

Are you are getting started with an alarm system, or upgrading alarms for your business or commercial property? You may be wondering whether certain alarm company certifications are important. Read More 

Choosing Video Security Monitoring Services

Video Surveillance and Security Monitoring, accessing from your computer or device

Whether Commercial Video Surveillance or Residential Video Monitoring, these tips from our security experts at Armor Security will help you select the right products and services to protect your business or home, including questions to ask potential providers. Read More 

Mon Valley Surveillance Cameras Helping To Cut Down Crime

Armor Security

Here is a great example of a community taking action to reduce crime. The city cant have a surveillance system installed but local businesses see it as a necessity. They pull a collection to purchase IP Megapixel cameras and a Network Video Recorder. Read More 

Caught on Camera by the FBI's Operational Technology Division

Armor Security

The FBI put out a great theatrical video a couple years ago explaining what law enforcement would like to see from a surveillance system. A lot of emphasis is put on quality, placement and keeping your system design paperwork accessible. Read More 

Can strangers hack into your IP cameras?

Armor Security

We get customers who want new HD IP cameras installed on their property all the time. In fact, video surveillance is the fastest growing feature in the security world today. Your device uses software to allow remote access to the footage it has been storing as well as the live feed it produces. Read More