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Motion Detection

Motion Detection

10 Second Video Clip

10 Second Clip

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Police Responce

Police Responce


Our motion sensor/camera activates (day or night) and sends a 10 second video to our 24 x 7 monitoring station. False alarms like shifting equipment or strong winds are not acted on by our eyewitness, but if a “video verified” crime is in progress the police are dispatched and you are notified. Video verification is oftentimes given priority by police which can mean more apprehensions, reduced losses and greater security. Cut down on your false alarms and deploy Armor Security Video Verification for your equipment yard or construction site.

  • Completely wireless
  • Batteries last up to 2 years
  • Quick installation, portable
  • Weather-rated
  • Temperature-rated -20° to +140° F
  • Up to 24 MotionViewers on one system
  • Stop copper theft, fuel theft, tool theft and vandalism with priority response

  • Battery life up to 4 years
  • Arm/disarm, events log
  • Look-in request
  • Cell, Ethernet+cell backup, and Ethernet-only connectivity options
  • Secure main entrances, warehouses, storage rooms, labs, server rooms and other expensive assets

The portable battery powered P-Cam (PIR motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminators) can be installed anywhere; often mounted on portable stands (pipe in a concrete-filled bucket) that can be picked up and moved around your site - no trenching.

Videofied Xtender integrates wireless cameras/motion sensors to supplement your existing intrusion alarm. The keypad and arming/disarming of the existing system remains unchanged. The user interface remains that of the original system. Xtender enhances blind intrusion alarms with true night vision video security. The intruder trips the motion sensor, the camera takes a 10 second video that is sent over RF to the controller and then over phone, IP or the cell network to the monitoring station for review.

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Free estimates for all customers in our service area. One month free video verification monitoring for all new commercial installations with a 3 month promotional minimum contract. After promotional period, video verification for construction site customers may start and stop monitoring service on a monthly basis.

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