UL Certification

UL Certification

Benefits of Using a UL Listed Alarm Company

UL (Underwriters Laboratory) serves as an independent third-party verification entity, verifying that the installing company has met UL's nationally recognized standards.

  • Many local Twin Cities Fire Marshals request that all systems in their municipality be installed and certificated by a UL listed company.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts to commercial businesses for installation of a UL Certified system.

Armor is a UL Listed Fire Installation & UL Listed
Commercial Security Installation Company.

Armor holds the following UL Listings:
  • Central Station Fire Alarm Service
  • Mercantile Burglar Alarm –(Commercial Security)

NFPA Fire and Burglar Alarms, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Armor SecurityArmor Security is listed by UL as a local-service fire alarm company. This entitles Armor to issue UL certificates for fire alarm systems, certifying that the installation was done to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. In addition, the Central Station service certificate certifies that the fire alarm system is under contract for monitoring, testing, and inspection by a central monitoring station that also meets UL's standards for Central Station Service.