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Caught on Camera by the FBI's Operational Technology Division - JAN 15 2015

The FBI put out a great theatrical video a couple years ago explaining what law enforcement would like to see from a surveillance system. A lot of emphasis is put on quality, placement and keeping your system design paperwork accessible. - Read More

can they hack into my cameras?

Can strangers hack into your IP cameras? - NOV 24 2014

We get customers who want new HD IP cameras installed on their property all the time. In fact, video surveillance is the fastest growing feature in the security world today. Your device uses software to allow remote access to the footage it has been storing as well as the live feed it produces. - Read More

surveillance camera

Mon Valley Surveillance Cameras Helping To Cut Down Crime - OCT 30 2014

Here is a great example of a community taking action to reduce crime. The city cant have a surveillance system installed but local businesses see it as a necessity. They pull a collection to purchase IP Megapixel cameras and a Network Video Recorder. - Read More

2G Sunset

We may not be getting your 2G alarm notifications - OCT 27 2014

It’s time to take a look at your cellular transmitter. If you have a system that is using a 2G cellular radio, the time has come for it to be replaced. - Read More

Copper From Poilce

Stealing Copper From The Police - On Camera - AUG 27 2014

Snohomish County Washington police noticed missing property around their 911 cellular tower. Though the tower was surrounded in barbwire, thieves couldn’t be stopped from breaking and entering to steal the very copper used to operate the 911 cellular tower. - Read More

fire test

Testing & Inspection Services - AUG 22 2014

Although your system may appear to be working, if you have not experienced a recent alarm, you will not know if it is truly functional. Since asset protection and life safety are dependent on your system, you need to be sure it is working. - Read More

Manufacturers Building

Camera Surveillance - AUG 21 2014

A Camera Surveillance System can help reduce internal and external losses to your business. You can protect your facility from theft, improve customer service, and prevent vandalism by recording areas of critical activity. - Read More

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